exhibitions and projects 2004
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February 20 – 22

Fr / Sa / Su

The young art network "peng!" from Essen present itself, its new art and graphics magazine about luck, cookies and prophecies.
March 12 –15

Fr / Sa / Su

ArtOrtSchule with Elly Valk-Verheijen

co-operation with upper high school students of the
Maria Sybilla Merian Gesamtschule (MSM), Bochum-Wattenscheid

following an idea by
Dieter Winking / Holger Schwitalla, MSM
and Elly Valk-Verheijen, KH
* ganzvielfastnichts = verymuch(of)almostnothing

May 27 – July 4
    among others, 5

international co-operations of musicians and visual artists from
Belgium, Botswana, Finland, Germany, Argentinia and Switzerland

June 20

11 am – 8 pm


[more information only available in german]

Co-operation of the associations Depot and Kuenstlerhaus:
artists all over the Dortmund-Nordstadt city district
invite to visit them in their studios


July 16 – August 22


die magischen kanaele
the magic channels

installation and videos by Claudia Schmacke, Cologne
and historical photographies by the Emscher river landscape

co-operation with the Emschergenossenschaft

September – December
co_op projects

The program in automn introduces several and different
concepts of artists' co-operations
September 10 –
October 17

co_op_ painting

Arvid Boecker, Uwe Eßer & Jürgen Jansen call the painting projects which they realize in exhibition spaces "AMBER ROOM SOCIETY". Here in the Kuenstlerhaus they combine canvas painting with wall painting.


September 8

writing and language
Linguistic scientist Dr. Barbara Stiebels (ZAS Berlin)


September 25 –
October 31

co_op_ concept

Wolfgang Kaiser, Wolfgang Stehle & Frank Maier form the
Munich art group sub11. It presents itself in different
combinations of artists and by common acting.

October 8 –
November 14

co_op_ photography

Simone Eberli & Andrea Mantel from Zuerich work together on photography projects with teenagers since 2000.



November 5 –
December 12
co_op_ installation

Torsten Hennig & Joerg Finus from Berlin introduce their commun
art label ++Kooperation PRIVAT.

November 19 –
December 19

co_op_ film and video

The 'fylm class' of the Art Academie Muenster reflect the idea of
co-operation by Film- and Video productions.





Experiments by
Kuenstlerhaus artists



Febr.20 – Apr.12
May 22 / 27
June 6 /13 /20


Martin Varga
Es werde Licht!




Sept.10 – Oct.10

Rona Rangsch

slide installation




Nov.19 – Dec.19

An Seebach
w/ Sam Ashley and Ulrich Weber
the balloon project

installation, balloon video performance


Idea for the general concept: An Seebach
2004 planning commity
[Christoph Bangert, Reinhild Kuhn, Linda Opgen-Rhein, Willi Otremba, Rona Rangsch, An Seebach,
Dr. Peter Schmieder GF, Elly Valk-Verheijen, Martin Varga]
and as our special AO,5 co-curator: Jens Brand (MeX)

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